Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brooks

I want to apologize to any newcomers who may have stumbled across my blog....but today is all about my friend Jamie and baby Brooks! I am posting and updating throughout the day for the family and friends that are not here with us today.
Brooks is here!!! After 2 hours of pushing he is here. 8lbs 15ounces 21 1/2 inches....blonde curly hair. He is so precious. PERFECT! He did not cry the entire time I was near him...well except when they pricked his foot. Ill be sure and post pics first thing in the morning. Sorry for the delay but it has been an EXCITING NIGHT!!
Happy Birthday Brooks!!!
Love you, Aunt Leigh Leigh
UPDATE 2:30- We are still here waiting but the wait is getting shorter! Jamie has now been in labor for 9 hours but in the words of Kyle Sledd (The movies make it all seem worse) haha! Im sitting in the delivery room with Jamie, Corey and Kyle. Jamie is feeling fine and just ready for her baby boy. She has given us strict orders that all she wants once he is born is a Coca Cola Classic and a pizza. ha!! We are having a good time sitting here....the guys are definitely bringing some laughter to the room. Corey thinks he's Dr. Scruggs.....reading charts, monitors, and putting on the gloves.
Jamie is 8cm now so we are getting so close to seeing baby Brooks. Aaahhh we are so excited. We have a blessing bowl up here and the visitors are writing their blessings for Brooks and placing them in the bowl. For those reading this that would like to be apart of this, can type their blessing in my comment box and I will print out your blessing, tie it with the ribbon, and add it to Brooks blessing bowl for his room and memories!!
Jamie says Hi and she is so thankful for her friends and family- the support and love everyone has shown and she loves you all! Hopefully next update will be pics of a baby.
UPDATE 12:30- The Doctor has been in and Jamie has dialated to 7 cm (she was 3 around 8 this morning). After checking her she waved and said she would see her in a couple hours. So hopefully Brooks will be here within the next few hours. :) Jamie is still doing well...just waiting! (thank goodness for epidurals)
Everyone is here waiting as well. Sorry I do not have more to update but I guess waiting is okay. Maybe next post will be about the baby boy.....

**she has received her epidural and is feeling good!! there were many tears and cries before this picture. (Can you tell she is feeling much better)

Mommy and Daddy....yes we are expecting Brooks to be blonde hair blue eyed

update 9:31 am- Well Jamie's water just broke. She was in the middle of a big contraction when all of the sudden she looked up at me and her grandmother and said plain as day "and my water just broke" ha!! She has now requested an epidural so she is preparing for it. She's doing great but in a good amount of pain so she will be very happy once the epidural is here.

Good morning everyone! Jamie is laying here being her silly self. She checked in this morning started her pitocin and fluids. She is having some strong and consistant contractions so they turned her pitocin down. She is being a super trooper but she is definitely feeling the contractions.

This picture was during a contraction (see she's a trooper). Everyone say your prayers....We are having a BABY!!! Ill update in a bit whenever something fun starts to happen. Keep checking in!!


Jennifer said...

Yay for new babies!!! :)

Candice Pair said...

Give Jamie Lee a big ole hug and kiss from me! Can't wait to see baby brooks!!!

rCl said...

Tell her congrats! Praying for a safe and fast and healthy delivery!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Brooks hurry up and come out to play...we have been waiting sooo long for you! We know God has GREAT plans for you, we can't wait to see what all he has in store. Love, Bobo and Buns

Candice Weeks said...

Tell Jamie I love her :)

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

I don't even know Jamie or Brooks, but I'm super excited!!! Hopefully everything is going smoothly and y'all are in my prayers!!!

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