Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Fighter

Look at this precious little thing. I will be the first to say Im not a huge cat person.....I have two dogs and I do not need another animal. But this little thing has warmed my heart. Let me tell you the story of this tiny fighter.

My mom took my cousin home Sunday and on her way home she drove through a town in Alabama about 3 hours away from our hometown. My mom's boyfriend was driving the car....they were traveling down the interstate at about 75 mph when all of the sudden my mom starts yelling STOP....STOP the car. She was afraid that she saw a kitten on the road but as they were turning around she started to think "well maybe it was just a squirrel"...whatever it was it was tiny and on the road over the white line. As they pull up and over my mom open the door and this little kitten (who could barely walk) wondered right to her. She said he was drooling and very hot....it was a scortching day and very humid. My mom could not leave the kitten so she manages to bring it home.

So we now have a kitten in the house. we do not plan on keeping him....its really not possible. We have one cat that we saved 7 yrs ago and to say the least, she's not friendly. Besides the cat I have 2 dogs. However this tiny fighter will be with us until we find him a home. My mom took him to the vet yesterday and sadly he has a respiratory infection and intestinal infection. Oh and did I mention he's Tiny....he's only four weeks old. He doesnt have teeth yet...well he has about four...the canine ones....he's still unstable on his legs but coming around. So we have been bottle feeding him and he LOVES to eat. Our vet said that a shelter would have probably put him down bc of his infections and he even mentioned that he was unsure if he would even make it but that he was very suprised he has made it this far. -keep in mind he's 4 weeks, no mom, no teet, wobbley (is that a word?) legs, two infections, stranded in the heat, on the highway...over the white line-. Wow this kitten has been through so much but he seems stronger everyday. My little Yorkie thinks she's his mama. She cries for him so we let her mama the tiny thing. It will be hard to let him go but it will be the only choice we have.

If any of you live in the Midsouth Tennessee area and are interested in a Tiny fighter with a sweet personality let me know. We have paid for all meds for his infections and first Doctor visit.


Candice Pair said...

omg i wish clinton would let me have it! how sweet!! im glad your mama stopped!!

Memphis Mama said...

Oh Leigh I would love him! Email Jason and tell him to give me this kitty I have been begging for one!