Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love and Respect

I love reading self help books and books that help us to understand relationships and/or marriage. I mean lets face it...we are HUMAN and IMPERFECT. There is a pretty big difference in male and female and what makes us happy and what makes us tick.
One of my friends received this book at one of her bridal showers and my church sells the book as well. So I thought I would dig into the chapters and see what Dr. Eggerich has to say about Love and Respect. Now Im only in Chapter four, but I must say this book is really really good. At first I felt like he was siding with the men and not giving women enough credit. Basically he says woman need love and men need respect. I thought well yeah this sounds good but I need respect too. However I decided not to put the book down and so I continued reading. Once I got a bit further, I understood what exactly was being said. I dont want to ruin the book incase some of you want to read it but I must say that this book is very good so far and I personally feel that everyone and definitely couples should read this book. It just may turn your relationship and/or marriage around.....even if you dont feel like you have problems. NO it will not solve your problems or make your relationships PERFECT but......It will help you undertand the differences in Men and Woman and the way we "tick"...LOVE and RESPECT


Jennifer said...

Can I just say that within the past year, I've bought around 15 books with topics such as this?? :) Always room for improvement!

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Thank you for sharing Leigh!! This is the marriage conference that's coming to Bellevue! I need to get this book so John and I both can read it... everyone needs encouraging words from time to time!

Your the sweetest!