Friday, April 9, 2010

Best Giveaway EVER!!

This is by far the BEST giveaway experience I have ever seen on blogspot....or whatever you use to blog. Ladies, if you do not follow Mckmama's blog....aka Stellan's mom for some you please head that way. What are you waiting on.....go....go..... :)

Jennifer or Mckmama if you wish is holding a giveaway right now that will be up at Midnight tonight. You have the chance to win an IPAD. NO I'm not lying to yall {I would never do something like that} Jennifer purchased the new IPad with her very own $499.00 and she is not even keeping this for herself....nope....she is giving one of us lucky bloggers a chance to win this. So, here is what you have to do to be apart of this giveaway....Go HERE to Mckmamas blog {Go ahead and read what all she has to say} you will see several opportunities to click on a COMPASSION LINK....all you have to do is place a donation which I might add is a WONDERFUL opportunity to give. The minimum donation is $5.00 but you are free to donate what you wish. Every 5.00 donation will give you one you donate $10.00 you get 2 donate $1,000.00 you will get 1,000 entries. Compassion and Jennifer will pick one lucky winner tonight at midnight. Be sure to let Mckmama know you donated {dont tell her what you gave but that you did} she will be donating $1.00 for every single person who does.

Let me tell yall...I just read on her page that Compassion has already received $20,000 from people reading Mckmama's blog! HOW AMAZING!!!!!! If you are not familiar with Compassion Ministries please visit the website. Its truly amazing what all we can do to help others in need...especially young innocent children. If nothing more we can PRAY!!!

God Bless you all!!


Jennie said...

I love reading her blog, and that give-away is so awesome!!! Wow - 20,000 dollars already?? Thanks for sharing!

Alissa said...

Wow that's amaazing. Great cause and great prize! Thanks for sharing.