Thursday, April 1, 2010

BlueGenes Photography

Hey Ladies! Im so excited to announce that one of my bestest friends has found one of her passions in life! Photography!! I love a good photo....they capture so much! Im one of those girls that ALWAYS has my camera. I love capturing the little moments that you carry with you as time goes on. Anyways. Becka started a blog and I wanted to introduce yall to her. So head HERE to check out her work! She is seriously one of wittiest....most name it people I know. Yall will certainly love her blog....she is just getting started so bare with her as she learns all the ropes of blogging.

About Becka {In her own words}

"For as long as I can remember, I had a creative side to me. Growing up I was into Art (the art you put onto a surface...canvas, paper, etc.) Working with my hands was always something I enjoyed when it came to art. I believe God is a wonderful artist. He places landscapes, people, animals, weather, and combines them to come up with something artist see as "beautiful". My definition of beauty probably differs from some...I see things differently and creatively. I am also a romantic so I love seeing people in love...holding hands, smiling at one another, kissing foreheads. Ah I could go on :) Hope you enjoy my photography and style. As for me, I am a Southern girl who has finally found her passion :) "

{copied from BlueGenes Photography blog}

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Anne said...

I checked it out -- love her site!