Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

One of my favorite bloggers joined in on PINK AND GREEN Thursday which can be found HERE. Thanks SSM for introducing me to this new blog. Yall hop on over and join in....especially if ya like pink and green.
I wasnt sure if I would blog today or not but hey....why not add a little pink and green to brighten up my blog. There are no rules so just have fun with it!!

For some reason I have been craving cupcakes ALL week long. Im proud to say that I have not given in to this temptation but I sure would love one....maybe a mini one like below.

I would also be tickled PINK if I received some of these

I have honestly never been a huge ROSE person. I dont know why...I like them and think they smell good but I guess it just seems so cliche that roses are the flower you receive so daisies or tulips....or anything different speaks volumes in my opinion. However, I just recently was introduced by a girl friend to green roses....I had no clue these existed but I LOVE them and think they are BEAUTIFUL. I believe they may be hard to find as well but they are out there!!

I would love to have a wall of plates just like this....ribbon and all.

Lastly how stinkin cute is this girlie and shabby chic like! I know not everyone likes this style but I adore it. I realize this kitchen is not "man friendly" but for a single girl it could definitely be pulled off.

Hope yall enjoyed!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you played along girl! I totally have those last 2 pictures saved on my computer! We sooo have the same taste. Hope your having a great week! xoxo

Laura Brown said...

I have some pretty blue and white toile plate hanging with yellow ribbon in my blue and yellow bathroom!

Alissa said...

How fun. I've always loved the pink and green combo too. Maybe I'll participate too one of these days.

Virginia Belle said...

So many amazing pictures! I especially love the plates tied with green ribbons, too cute! I'm a new follower :)

Trish said...

Hey girly! I am so honored and excited that you played along this week, I am loving all your pink and green pictures, they are so happy!

Following you now, and looking forward to seeing more from you!! :)