Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Much for one post!

I have so much to say in one post but Im going to try and keep it short. 

Thursday night we had my best friends bachelorette party! Heather wanted to keep it low key and have a night with the girls. So we decided to have a "slumber party". I guess we never get too old for a good ol  slumber party. Of course we had to throw in a few suprises...so we loaded up in the car for what Heather thought was a scavenger hunt. We headed straight to Paint a Piece where we all painted something for Heather and then we headed to the bowling alley for some more fun! 

Saturday was VALENTINES and a good one it was. The weather was beautiful so I enjoyed a day with the girls eating a shopping. Aaron told me we were going to dinner and it was a suprise. Im very proud of myself....I did not pester him to tell me...Im not good at being suprised. As Aaron would say "if I'm not in control...I can't stand it" hah..no not me! Aaron and I had made a promise not to buy each other a Valentine's gift. We purchased daily devotional books that we are planning on doing...so that was suppose to be our gifts. Well of course I had to do something extra so I made a scrapbook of us over the past four years. Well Aaron had to do something extra too...he bought me a new Dogeared  necklace. I love these Necklaces, if you are not familiar with this brand check it out....I LOVE IT!  
I have three different necklaces now and yes, I wear them all together. We then headed down town to Itta Bena....yum yum. This was our first time eating there and it won't be the last. I had a great time spending time just together. 

Sunday after Church we went to lunch...my family and our friends..13 of us. I love Sundays. 

Lastly, My best friend and her fiance left today to get married. Heather and Nick are getting married in Jamaica this Saturday...just the two of them. Im sad we will not be there to witness this day but They wanted an intimate wedding with no one but the two of them. So that is what they will get. I love yall and cant wait to see yall

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did. We are half way through this week...hope everyone has a great rest of the week! 

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Jennifer said...

Matt and I are AWFUL with our gifts...We get so excited about our surprises for each other that we always do it early. We exchanged Valentine's Day presents on Friday. I mean who does that???