Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Temptation is staring me in my face! So today is the day I have decided to put all the junk aside and get in shape again. Im not sure what has happened but I do know that my body is not the same as it used to be. Instead of getting upset and down about my weight, I am going to do something about it. So today is the day I am going to get my gym membership. Two more hours and I will officially be a gym member. I have a treadmill but its only growing dust! :)
I even went to the store last night and bought healthy food and snacks. I packed a healthy lunch and even had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. Im drinking water instead of coke and sweet tea (which no tea is the hardest part). Anyways I felt really good about this until around 11:00 this morning. Little did I remember, I purchased $30.00 worth of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and brownies. I mean its not like everyday you can have Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.....actually I have not had any since 2002. hahah...sad I remember. These are my favorite. A lady at my work was selling these items for her daughters I gave in. I totally forgot about this order until today. So now I am stuck with an entire pan of double chocolate chip brownies and an entire tub of chocolate chip cookies. What will I do! This is only a test....Im being tested to see if I give in to these treats I have decided to give up...I can do this!!!! :)


Niki said...

Yum! Otis Spunkmeyer cookies are so good! They bring me back to study hall...:) Maybe you could bring them to work and let people eat them or pass them out to your neighbors! I always bring everything I bake to work so I won't eat it! I feel you though, because I ordered a ton of girl scout cookies and I think they are coming to me very soon!

rCl said...

Yum! Those cookies do sound delicious. very tempting! Just pass them along to Aaron! Kidding... ;)

The Smith's said...

I'm still waiting to see your post about the Bachelor hahaha!!!