Friday, February 20, 2009

Wounded and Broken....Please Pray

I have a prayer request for all you out there....where are my prayer warriors? I find myself going and reading blogs all the time of people I have never met but these people are my brothers and sisters...I find myself praying and praying hard for the ones that ask and even the ones that I think just need prayer.

I have a dear friend that has been saved recently and I LOVE seeing and hearing the wonders that the Lord is doing in her life and heart. Recently my friend has been visiting the church I attend and has really found this to be a welcoming Church home. I LOVE Sundays and nothing warms my heart more then looking down the row and realizing my family and all my best friends...yes all my close girlfriends...are sitting with me praising and worshiping the Lord. Just this morning my dear friend brought an issue to my attention. I was discussing how I want to do more in our community. Help the elderly, abused and addicted. She agreed that she would love to help--so I'm excited to see where this leads us. BUT she also confided in me with a pain that is breaking her heart. Her brother whose name is ERIC! (she gave me permission to say his name). Eric is a very nice young man...cute, sweet and caring. The most important part of Eric is missing though. Eric is LOST. He is broken and wounded. Eric is 30 and has fought a life of addiction. He has had two overdoses, with one leaving him on his death bed. Eric survived both of these..........some ask WHY? I can tell you why.....God's work with Eric is not finished. What that job is, I do not know but I feel in my heart that it will be wonderful. Eric is not the same addict he was when he overdosed but he is still lost from the most important thing in life. GOD!!
Eric does not know his Lord and Savior. Highpoint (my Church) is a place for IMPERFECT PEOPLE and I know that this family would welcome Eric no matter what his struggles and imperfections may be. At this time Eric has no interest in Church or learing about the Lord and his Savior. So MY PRAYER REQUEST is that Eric would see the wonders of the Lord through his friends and family....that this may open his eyes. I would love for Eric to come to Church and just hear God's word.......see God's work......and feel the love of God's people at work all around him. I pray that I may touch Eric's life or give him word's of advice that will open his eyes. I pray that his heart and mind will open up so that he can learn and accept his Lord and Savior. My brothers and sisters....we have a lost, broken, and wounded brother in need of love and prayer.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read this post. This post means more to me than any of the other posts I have written....I welcome words of wisdom and encouragement. Most of all THANK YOU!!!!

With Love,


Niki said...

I will definately pray for Eric. It sounds like God definately has a plan for him and we need all the prayer warriors we can find to pray for this man!!

Whitney said...

Hey! Just found your blog through Niki's and I will definitely be praying! I'm glad your friend can be a good witness and example to him!

Melissa said...

I will definitely be praying. Thanks for sharing!