Friday, May 15, 2009

Let the Festivities begin!

Im super excited that it's Friday. Let the festivites begin!! First off, one of my best friends will be in town late this afternoon and we have dinner plans with some of our girlfriends...this always calls for a good time. Tomorrow we are heading to Nashville for Catherine's bachelorette party. Im very excited to see her and shower her with a fun night. Saturday night will be all about Catherine! However, she called last week to say that her fiance David would be singing at the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night. You may ask if she feels like her night is getting rained on. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! This is great news. So Saturday we will be hanging out, doing girlie stuff all day. Then we have dinner reservations at a yummy Mexican restraunt (My favorite) and from there we will head to the Grand Ole Opry for David's debut. Im so happy for David and Catherine....this is a very exciting time for them. David's singing career could be getting ready to take off but most importantly they will be getting married June 6th. If you would like to be a huge part of this time in their life, call your local radio station (country of course) and request "RED LIGHT". From the show a limo will be picking us up and we are heading to downtown Nashville. Im sure I will have plenty of fun pics when I get home. Catherine always manages to have the best of time no matter where she goes. haha...thats how she caught David's attention. She was the girl dancing!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.
Much Love,

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