Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mama.....My Friend

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Today was a great day! This morning my mom, my brother, Aaron and his family, and two of my girlfriends Jamie, Stephanie and her fiance Keith all went to church and had a great Mother's day lunch afterwards. Im so blessed to not only have a WONDERFUL mama but to also have a WONDERFUL boyfriend who has a WONDERFUL mom. So today was a great day with great my family and friends!!

Now what kind of daughter would I be if I did not tell yall a bit about my mom! My MAMA (thats what I call her) is my best friend! I love her and I am so thankful that God chose her to be my mom. She is so caring and would do ANYTHING to help anyone. She comforts me when im worried, stressed, sad and/or sick. I may be in my twenties but to this day if I get sick my mama is the first one I want. Poor Aaron. Something about her words and touch comfort me! Sometimes I feel bad for her though....I could be in the bed with the flu and it never fails that she will be laying right beside me...rubbing my back...waiting on my hand and foot. I have always been able to communicate with my mom. We may disagree at times but I KNOW she is there and I can tell her judgment just open ears and an open heart. My mama has also been my spiritual leader. When I was younger mom made sure I was in church (even if it was with a fuss) In highschool, I was not allowed to go out on Saturdays if I did not go to church on Sunday. WOW we would argue over this but today im so THANKFUL my mom never gave up on me! When I was young my mom said my prayers with me every night...nope you know what?....she even did when I was in highschool. EVERY night she would tuck me in and we would say our prayers!! I thank God that my mom is an amazing Christian woman who also led me to Christ.

My mom and dad are divorced but my mom made sure that I lived a normal life and never went without. My mom paid for my college all on her own. I was so lucky to graduate with no student loans, credit card bills, or any other form of debt. My mom always made sure I was taken care of. I got a car when I was 16 and always had a new prom dress each year. My mom would work 24hrs a day if thats what it took to make sure I had things I needed but also wanted. selfish I feel. As I have grown older, my mom and I have developed a friendship. She is truely my best friend. She is who I tell all my secrets to, she knows me like the back of her hand and vice versa!

Guess what? I even have a brother!!! My mom is a wonderful mother to him also...Im pretty sure Cody would say the same. We are truely blessed to have her as our mother!

I THANK God for blessing me with a beautiful....on the inside and out.......Mom!

I love you Mama!

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rCl said...

She was soo cute yesterday! Glad she got to help out with the dedications!
Hope y'all had a Happy Mother's Day!