Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope all you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day. What a true blessing Mom's are to everyone!
So here it is the beginning of another week and its that time for "Not Me Monday" If you are new here and you are not familiar with this, you can head over and visit MckMamma for the rules and details! So let me sit back and think of the things I am ashamed to say I did......wait...or "didn't not me" :)
I definitely DID NOT put on my new dress I ordered for one of my best friends weddings only to find out it didn't fit. Now this dress should have been here a month ago but now we have four weeks until the wedding so I'm surely going to have to starve myself and work out hard to fit in this dress or I will be the only bridesmaid sitting on the front row. The dress goes up and on...the zipper is just really tight....really really tight! I don't have a problem here...nope not me!
I DID NOT wake up Saturday morning around 6:00 thinking it was a work day. Nope not me. Thank goodness I had plans to hit up a few garage sales. I love finding old furniture to paint and re-do.
I DID NOT run around like crazy Saturday trying to figure out what to get my mama for mothers day. Thank goodness for Spa's. I have to get better at not procrastinating...wait I'm not a procrastinator...nah not me.
Lastly, I DID NOT sit around with one of my best friends and listen to her babies heart beat and little kicks all day yesterday afternoon. Baby Brooks is an active little boy. Jamie purchased some device you put on your belly and listen to his heart and movements through headphones. I promise we DID NOT sit for an hour straight listening and laughing. What a miracle God has given her. Im so excited to meet him in August!!
Hope everyone is having a SUPER Monday!!

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