Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Story

So I am jumping on the wagon and telling mine and Aarons story. I got this idea from
Memphis Mama and Clementsvile. Our story is a long one so grab a snack and enjoy!!

I met Aaron the Summer of 2006. I am friends with his I knew of him but he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. Aaron built a house in my mom's subdivision so I had seen him but never talked to him. Right before the summer began my relationship with the other guy ended and Aaron's relationship with the girl ended. One day I was leaving my moms and Aaron was mowing his lawn....Kyle his brother, my friend, was outside too so I stopped to say hi. Aaron came over and introduced himself. I drove off thinking he was good looking...dark hair and light blue eyes! Anyways a few weeks later I was at the Loop, a Tuesday night worship service for college students. Who do I run into?!?!? Aaron! He invited me and a few of my girlfriends over so of course we went. I still thought he was cute but im outgoing and talkative....the complete opposite of Aaron. He is quiet (until you get to know him). While at his house we were all talking about the upcoming Kenny Chesney concert. We all had tickets except for Aaron. So now lets jump forward a few days.....July 17, 2006 (yes I remeber) I was sitting at the concert with my best friend when all of the sudden Aaron walks up to us. He bought a ticket from a guy on the streets and came with his brother. So you can guess....I was totally excited and we ended up hanging out that night. After the concert we went downtown with my friends and his brother. As we were leaving I gave him my number. Before I even got home (30 minutes from downtown) my phone rang and it was Aaron. They got left downtown (so he says) so I had to go back and pick up him and his brother up. We ended up at a coffee house in the wee hours of the morning. We laughed, talked, and sang to the juke box..ahahah! That was the night it all began.

So four years later we have been through tons. Our relationship started slow and with walls up around both of us. We have laughed, cried, shared secrets, been angry at one another and most importantly GROWN. We have grown in love. Four years later we have found ourselves every week at the place we first met....Highpoint (thats where the Loop was). I have made this my church home. I have learned that relationships are not easy...they are work...but what in life isnt? We have made God the center of our relationship and I know that he will bless us and watch over us an guide us through life. Im very excited to see what all is in store for us and I look forward to growing old with my best friend. I love you Aaron!


rCl said...

i love it!! =) y'all are too cute for each other!

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Such a sweet story!!

Niki said...

How sweet! What a GREAT story:)

Candice Pair said...

What a sweet story! Love you!!