Monday, August 31, 2009

Have you ever seen such a mess.......

I wish I had a better picture but this is as good as it gets! So this past weekend one of my girlfriends said I have to show you this yard sale. Considering the fact that I'm a crafty person, I love finding junk and old stuff that I can re-vamp. But........I could not even get out of the car to dig through this junk. The picture does not do justice to this scene. I took the picture from the curb at the side of the house. Heather would not pull around front bc the people were sitting in the driveway and she was embarrassed. I told her she shouldn't be embarrassed....if anyone should be, it should be the owner of that YARD. :)

They had JUNK from the drive way to the curb on all sides of the yard. You could not see the grass for all the junk. I want to know how you collect that much junk over time and where in the world they stored all that stuff. I'm talking "random" out dated junk. Now I know every ones junk is someone elses treasure but good gracious they had a ton of stuff. I took this picture on Saturday.........the yard sale had been set up since can you picture all the junk that was out there!

I was in total shock over this yard sale. I'm in no way making fun of this sale because like I said earlier, I LOVE a good garage/yard sale. My concern is........where did all this stuff come from bc I know it was not stored in the house that sits on that yard!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Precious Brooks

It has been a few days since I posted anything but I have a very good reason for the lack of my blogging. Im an aunt again. :) A proud one at that. Brooks is here and healthy!!! One of my bestest friends had her baby boy last Tues and I am completely in LOVE with him. It has been so much fun just watching him change and grow over the past few days.....I cant imagine what the next few years will be like. He is one spoiled (not rotten) but spoiled baby boy. He is the first baby to be born within our girlfriend group. We just cant get enough of him. Keep in mind that as of today he is one week old....his Mimi has already printed out 500 something pictures of him. haha! He will not be camera shy...thats for sure. He has his Pop wrapped around his finger. His daddy jumps up at the chance to do anything for him....feed, change, burp, rock name it. His mama (Jamie) is getting plenty of rest time bc everyone WANTS to help her and really we just want to spend quality time with Brooks. I am really happy for Jamie and Corey and cant wait to watch Brooks grow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brooks

I want to apologize to any newcomers who may have stumbled across my blog....but today is all about my friend Jamie and baby Brooks! I am posting and updating throughout the day for the family and friends that are not here with us today.
Brooks is here!!! After 2 hours of pushing he is here. 8lbs 15ounces 21 1/2 inches....blonde curly hair. He is so precious. PERFECT! He did not cry the entire time I was near him...well except when they pricked his foot. Ill be sure and post pics first thing in the morning. Sorry for the delay but it has been an EXCITING NIGHT!!
Happy Birthday Brooks!!!
Love you, Aunt Leigh Leigh
UPDATE 2:30- We are still here waiting but the wait is getting shorter! Jamie has now been in labor for 9 hours but in the words of Kyle Sledd (The movies make it all seem worse) haha! Im sitting in the delivery room with Jamie, Corey and Kyle. Jamie is feeling fine and just ready for her baby boy. She has given us strict orders that all she wants once he is born is a Coca Cola Classic and a pizza. ha!! We are having a good time sitting here....the guys are definitely bringing some laughter to the room. Corey thinks he's Dr. Scruggs.....reading charts, monitors, and putting on the gloves.
Jamie is 8cm now so we are getting so close to seeing baby Brooks. Aaahhh we are so excited. We have a blessing bowl up here and the visitors are writing their blessings for Brooks and placing them in the bowl. For those reading this that would like to be apart of this, can type their blessing in my comment box and I will print out your blessing, tie it with the ribbon, and add it to Brooks blessing bowl for his room and memories!!
Jamie says Hi and she is so thankful for her friends and family- the support and love everyone has shown and she loves you all! Hopefully next update will be pics of a baby.
UPDATE 12:30- The Doctor has been in and Jamie has dialated to 7 cm (she was 3 around 8 this morning). After checking her she waved and said she would see her in a couple hours. So hopefully Brooks will be here within the next few hours. :) Jamie is still doing well...just waiting! (thank goodness for epidurals)
Everyone is here waiting as well. Sorry I do not have more to update but I guess waiting is okay. Maybe next post will be about the baby boy.....

**she has received her epidural and is feeling good!! there were many tears and cries before this picture. (Can you tell she is feeling much better)

Mommy and Daddy....yes we are expecting Brooks to be blonde hair blue eyed

update 9:31 am- Well Jamie's water just broke. She was in the middle of a big contraction when all of the sudden she looked up at me and her grandmother and said plain as day "and my water just broke" ha!! She has now requested an epidural so she is preparing for it. She's doing great but in a good amount of pain so she will be very happy once the epidural is here.

Good morning everyone! Jamie is laying here being her silly self. She checked in this morning started her pitocin and fluids. She is having some strong and consistant contractions so they turned her pitocin down. She is being a super trooper but she is definitely feeling the contractions.

This picture was during a contraction (see she's a trooper). Everyone say your prayers....We are having a BABY!!! Ill update in a bit whenever something fun starts to happen. Keep checking in!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing like fun with the girls

This past weekend was a GREAT one.....Why you may ask? I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending fun quality time with my best friends. Sadly not EVERYONE was there but it was still a good weekend. We were in Oxford Ms to celebrate one of my girlfriends last weekends as a single lady. Thats right Stephs wedding is around the corner. We all headed down early Saturday and spent the afternoon shopping and eating. I love shopping on the Oxford square....its so pretty and the weather was great. (Hot but great).

After an afternoon of shopping, we headed to Laura's....stephs cousins house which is in Oxford. THANKS LAURA for having us. Her house is adorable and she did such a wonderful job with the food and decor!!! We all got ready and had a lingerie shower for Steph! Good times...she got some great stuff! After all the lingerie was opened we loaded up and headed to 208 for dinner. I had lobster mac & cheese. Yum Yum....this is the first time I have ever had this but it will not be the last. :) After dinner we all headed out to see what kind of trouble we could find. haha not really but we hit the square for some fun!

The best part of the night was having all the girls together. We have all been so close (sisters) for so long but as we get older things start to change. Marriage, babies, jobs, know all the things that happen when we get older but one thing that will never change is our FRIENDSHIPS and the memories we have and will make along the way!!

Sorry the pics are so small....Im not sure what happened to them....maybe bc I saved them from my Facebook. Oh well.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Fighter

Look at this precious little thing. I will be the first to say Im not a huge cat person.....I have two dogs and I do not need another animal. But this little thing has warmed my heart. Let me tell you the story of this tiny fighter.

My mom took my cousin home Sunday and on her way home she drove through a town in Alabama about 3 hours away from our hometown. My mom's boyfriend was driving the car....they were traveling down the interstate at about 75 mph when all of the sudden my mom starts yelling STOP....STOP the car. She was afraid that she saw a kitten on the road but as they were turning around she started to think "well maybe it was just a squirrel"...whatever it was it was tiny and on the road over the white line. As they pull up and over my mom open the door and this little kitten (who could barely walk) wondered right to her. She said he was drooling and very was a scortching day and very humid. My mom could not leave the kitten so she manages to bring it home.

So we now have a kitten in the house. we do not plan on keeping him....its really not possible. We have one cat that we saved 7 yrs ago and to say the least, she's not friendly. Besides the cat I have 2 dogs. However this tiny fighter will be with us until we find him a home. My mom took him to the vet yesterday and sadly he has a respiratory infection and intestinal infection. Oh and did I mention he's Tiny....he's only four weeks old. He doesnt have teeth yet...well he has about four...the canine ones....he's still unstable on his legs but coming around. So we have been bottle feeding him and he LOVES to eat. Our vet said that a shelter would have probably put him down bc of his infections and he even mentioned that he was unsure if he would even make it but that he was very suprised he has made it this far. -keep in mind he's 4 weeks, no mom, no teet, wobbley (is that a word?) legs, two infections, stranded in the heat, on the highway...over the white line-. Wow this kitten has been through so much but he seems stronger everyday. My little Yorkie thinks she's his mama. She cries for him so we let her mama the tiny thing. It will be hard to let him go but it will be the only choice we have.

If any of you live in the Midsouth Tennessee area and are interested in a Tiny fighter with a sweet personality let me know. We have paid for all meds for his infections and first Doctor visit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Award time

I have been tagged with the Honest Scrap award...thanks to Memphis Mama. So here is how the fun begins......I tell you 10 things about myself (fun facts) and then I pass the award on so the fun facts continue.
Okay 10 things about myself!!
1. I am a HUGE mama's girl! I love my mom...she is my bestest friend!
2. I LOVE sweet tea...what can I say...Im a Southern girl!
3. My doggies are my babies. I have one Yorkie- Lola Belle and a Yorkipoo- Ellie
4. I HATE touching door handles (weird huh?) so Im really good at letting others open doors. I hate germs.
5. I enjoy reality name it...I watch it
6. I thought it was so silly when everyone went on the Twilight craze but...what can I say I had to see what it was all now Im part of the craze. :)
7. I love painting or any crafts for the matter-such a stress relief
8. Im terrified of tornado's and I mean terrified
9. I love drinking out of styrofoam cups...they keep your drinks ice cold.
10. AND last but not least....I am imperfect! And saved by Jesus Christ
So now I tag anyone who reads this.................ya'll have fun!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love and Respect

I love reading self help books and books that help us to understand relationships and/or marriage. I mean lets face it...we are HUMAN and IMPERFECT. There is a pretty big difference in male and female and what makes us happy and what makes us tick.
One of my friends received this book at one of her bridal showers and my church sells the book as well. So I thought I would dig into the chapters and see what Dr. Eggerich has to say about Love and Respect. Now Im only in Chapter four, but I must say this book is really really good. At first I felt like he was siding with the men and not giving women enough credit. Basically he says woman need love and men need respect. I thought well yeah this sounds good but I need respect too. However I decided not to put the book down and so I continued reading. Once I got a bit further, I understood what exactly was being said. I dont want to ruin the book incase some of you want to read it but I must say that this book is very good so far and I personally feel that everyone and definitely couples should read this book. It just may turn your relationship and/or marriage around.....even if you dont feel like you have problems. NO it will not solve your problems or make your relationships PERFECT but......It will help you undertand the differences in Men and Woman and the way we "tick"...LOVE and RESPECT

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Don't you just love when you "think" you are having an okay or bad day but at the end of that day you are proven wrong. Well I had one of those days yesterday. Not that it was a bad day but it seemed to be more of an OKAY day. You know it was Monday (the longest day of the week), I was tired (the weekend never lasts long enough), and I didn't feel well on top of that. As I pulled in my driveway yesterday after work I parked the car and got my mail and to my surprise, I received a letter that turned my entire day around. I have mentioned before that I adopted a young boy from India. His name is Chumandev and he is nine years old. I did this through Compassion International. You see I have received information about Chumandev, his family, and his village but yesterday's letter was more special. Chumandev wrote a personal letter to me!!! This brought a smile to my heart and a tear to my eye. As I was reading he told me his favorite foods were milk and bread and his favorite colors were pink and green. When I read that his favorite food was MILK and BREAD......I just sat in my car thinking of what all I am so blessed to have. If he were to ask me about my favorite food, I would honestly have to say cheese dip, pizza, mac & cheese....but would I really want to be honest? These are foods he may have never tasted. I could however honestly tell him that my favorite colors are pink and green as well.

Reading Chumandev's letter (that was translated for me) really made me think of how blessed I am and the pure innocence of a child. He asked that I pray for his health and family. I'm pretty sure if I asked my nephew what I could pray for he would respond with something more like "pray I win a million bucks" or "pray I don't have to go to school ever again". Now I know that is not really want my nephew would want but I'm not sure he would ask for me to pray for his health and family either.....especially at nine years old.

The best part of my letter I received was the drawing Chumandev sent me. A house and a flower. Now this wasn't just any house or flower but both were VERY colorful. Chumandev lives in a village....the houses are not colorful nor are there flowerbeds with beautiful colorful flowers.

I am so blessed to have my health, family, friends, job, and Chumandev. I am so blessed to be able to adopt him....even though I will never bring him into my home and I may never be able to hold him in my arms, I am fortunate enough to pray for him, love him, and learn from him. He has already opened my eyes to so much in the short time I have known him and I am so excited to watch him grow.

God Bless you and love you,