Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Award

Thanks to my lovely friend Candice over at The Perfect Pair I have a new award! Please go and show Candice some love & check out her blog. Thanks so much have made my day!

So here is the rules:
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Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
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1. Im completely obsessed...well maybe not obsessed but the only cups I ever purchase are the Tumbler cups! These are the BEST cups ever. They keep your drink icey cold just the way I like them.

2. I have trouble sleeping anywhere but in my bed. I love my bed...its so comfy! I clean my sheets once a week..sometimes twice and I love crawling into the bed once they have been washed. Whenever I go on vacation Im always ready to come home so I can sleep in my own bed. ha!!

3. My favorite pens to write with are the extra Sharpie pens. I do not know why but ever since high school these have been my pen of choice. I love all the colors and they write so smooth. Yes, Ill write with other pens but if im buying these are my favorite.

4. I DO NOT like the grocery store. Now dont get me wrong....I do go but its not my favorite. Its almost like a chore! When I go I want to be sure I have a list of items I need and I want to be in and out! Im not one to leisurely walk around....AHEM...Aaron! My bf could spend 2 hours checking out every single item in the grocery sir, in and out! ha!

5. Pedicures!!!!!! Oh I love a good pedicure. I get a pedicure literally every other to every 2 weeks! This is my way to relax. I dont even get my nails done but I have to have a pedi....even in the dead winter.

6. Im not a drinker at all. Alcohol that is! Im not anti for those that do drink but I never have a drink. Im always the designated driver. I have never found a drink I enjoy plus I hate the feeling of being out of control....slight buzz....Im ready to go. I have been told though that I still know how to have a good time sober as a billy goat!

7. I have a serious "doodling" problem. haha if I have something to write with you better watch out. I will doodle/draw/write on anything so lets just hope there is a piece of paper around....if not watch out bc Im sure to draw on whatever I can find. I will doodle my name, your name, the dogs name, shapes, letters, name it...Im guilty of leaving marks everywhere!

So there you have it......7 VERY RANDOM things about me! Feel like ya know me a little better. haha!

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Jennifer said...

Yay! I love surprises!! :)

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

YAY!!! thank you so much Leigh! I was wanting this surprise :):):) Ok, the sharpie pen... that is the only one I write with, it must be blue and then #7... we are WAY too much alike, as well as the drinking, I can have just as much fun without!

Love you and have a blessed weekend!

capperson said...

I also can not stand the grocery store and I love sharpie pens and doodle everywhere during my classes and when i should be working on homework that I procrasinate on doing.

Candice Pair said...

Im with you on the doodling thing! I throw away so much paper every day because I draw nonstop!

Claire said...

New follower, found you through Laura's blog! Anyway, I have a pure hatred for the grocery as well. Sometimes it takes me a month to MAKE myself go.

And the doodling problem... in client meetings I have to put the cap on the pen and put it as far away from me as possible or I will doodle the entire time!

Stephanie said...

ME? YAY!! I need something to get me back into the groove of blogging!! Thank you sweet girl!!

Brandi said...

I hate the grocery store too...UGH!!!! MISERABLE!!!!!

Juliana said...

I use sharpies ALL the time!!!!!!

M said...

Congrats on the award! I love the grocery store way more than the average person, ha ha :)

Elizabeth said...

Congrats!! You are the best!!! :-) Hope your weekend is going well!

mrs.mfc said...

Love your random list!! Just found your blog.. love it!

prashant said...

I can have just as much fun without!

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