Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

So Monday has greeted us all again!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Sadly, I do not have much to blog about today or anything really exciting to share. This weekend was pretty low key which is absolutely fine with me. Sometimes I need a good weekend with nothing on my plate. :) It rained all day Saturday so you can only imagine the LAZY day we had. Im not sure how many movies we watched but all we did was lay around watching one after another. Saturday evening I started cleaning out my crafts closet...we are in the process of needless to say a ton has to be done here in the next 10 days. Yes, I said 10 days.....maybe I should not have watched so many movies Saturday. hah!
Moving is overwhelming....good gracious....I find myself giving away and throwing away more than Im packing for the simple fact that I do not want to mess with it or I dont know what to do with it. I guess if we all moved every few years then we could all keep simple/organized homes. Im not a hoarder or necessarily a pack rat but I do enjoy keeping SIMPLE things that remind me of others or events. For the the top of my closet I have a box of dead roses that I have received. {Yes, ex boyfriends} Come on....really?!?!?! What am I doing with those!! Good question...I have no idea. Then in the attic I opened a box with every stuffed animal my highschool boyfriends gave me....hahaha.....I guess at the time the memories were special but now I just find them taking up space. So, you can imagine yesterday I spent THE ENTIRE day going through box after box trying to see what would make the move and the things that would have to simply stay behind!!

Im excited for the Bachelor tonight....however I will have to watch it online bc I have bible I will miss the actual airing time! I think I should consider Tivo!! ha!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Moving is definitely a tiring process! You really don't realize how much "stuff" you have until you have to relocate all of it : ) Have a great Monday girl!

Risley said...

good luck moving! its not my most favorite thing to do either..
yeah for the bachelor tonight!!

Elizabeth said...

I love relaxing weekends!!! :-) Happy to hear that you were able to do some cleaning too....I know that feeling of saving things from ex's...haha...your not the only one that does it girl...HAHA! I will say I have come across things like that!! :-)

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Blah...I hate moving!