Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 101

So one my besties Candice awarded me with the Happy 101 award! Thanks so much Candice...Now yall be sure to go show Candice some love! While your there join her blog...you will love her!

So, here are the rules!
List 10 things that make you happy and then tag your favorite bloggers!! Pretty easy huh? Okay so here are 10 random, in no specific order, things that make me happy. Im also trying to list things I may have never listed or mentioned before...of course some will be repeats!

1. Aaron

Isnt he a cutie! Aaron's probably wanting to choke me if he's reading this but its my blog so there he is! This is my boyfriend of four years....yes, he makes me mad at times but overall he makes me very happy!!

2. Target

Target makes me one happy girl! I probably go here atleast once a day...not every but most.

3. Country Music

4. My puppies- Lola and Ellie

5. My lovely FAMILY & FRIENDS

6. The Notebook

This is my "go to" movie! Gotta love it!!

7. Shopping

8. Daisies

9. Painting - or anything crafty

10. Blogging!!!!

So, there ya have it....just a few {10 to be exact} things that make me happy!! So now Im suppose to tag my favorite blogs....BUT Candice tagged most of the blogs I follow as well....so, if you are reading this then YOU are tagged....I dont care if you follow my blog or not...even if you are just visiting you have been tagged. Please let me know if you accept the award so I can be sure to come check out the things that make you happy!!

Okay, I cant sign off without mentioning THE BIGGEST LOSER!!! Did ya watch! Gosh I love this show! Im super PUMPED about this season and ready for next Tuesday!

Happy Wednesday!!


Kelsey said...

I LOVE the Biggest Loser! So excited for this season.

Candice Weeks said...

Oh I love you ma'am!!!! Great picture of Aaron!!! :)

short southern momma said...

I would be happy if I were you too girl! Good stuff! XOXO

Elizabeth said...

I love blog awards! They are great!!! I love TARGET too! :-) Candice is GREAT!!

afitfoodie said...

Totally watched The Biggest Loser for the first time ever and fell in love! I'm all about it!!