Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Blind Side

Okay I went last night and saw the Blindside! GREAT MOVIE!! Everyone I talked to said nothing but wonderful things about this movie and I totally agree! This true life story took place very close to home for me! Not the story itself but the actual places and family. Mike Oher did not go to Wingate he attended Briarcrest Christian School which is where Highpoint {my church} is located. Briarcrest moved campuses and Highpoint now resides on the old Briarcrest campus. It was really neat to see the movie and know that this all took place in a town where I live. I live about 30-40 mins from downtown Memphis but it is truely a sad situation for most inner city children and families. I do not want to give the story away for those who have not seen it yet but it really breaks my heart to think of the children that are never given a chance. I think its so easy sometimes for people to overlook children and teens bc people think "well they chose to be that way.....where's their family" The sad truth is....a lot of children born into poverty, drug addiction, prostitution...etc....never really knew any different. They do not realize the big world around them and the chances they have. As Christians and children of God, it is our responsibility to go out and reach these children become decsiples of Christ, mentor children...etc!

I can honestly say that I was touched by this story! What an amazing family the Tuohy's are to give this young man a chance.


Elizabeth said...

I am hoping in my fours days I have off I make it to this movie! My mom said it was WONDERFUL too!

Candice Pair said...

i cant wait to see it!