Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who What Wear

Happy Thursday! So, some of you may be familiar with Who What Wear but for those that are not...go check it out. My friend Candice introduced me to this site a few days ago and Im loving it. I even purchased the book. hah! Im "patiently" waiting for Barnes & Noble to ship my book and the new Steven Curtis Chapman CD. YAY!! Maybe both will be on my doorstep this afternoon. {I hope}
Im excited about reading the book....Candice told me its really good....oh and she has informed me that EVERY girl should own red lipstick. Um.....I dont...I have never really been a red person...not even nail polish or shirts at that! Looks like I will be on a hunt for the "perfect" red lipstick.

As for my Steven Curtis Chapman Cd...I love him. I love his music & the person he is. This is the first album he has released since the death of his youngest child. Maria passed away last year...Im sure this album will be amazing and completely heartfelt. I have always said since I was a young child that I would love to adopt one day. Of course I know this will all be in God's will but it is a desire that I have. SCC and his wife have biological children but they have adopted 3 little girls from China as well. Such an awsome family!!


Candice Weeks said...

i am very nervous about the red lipstick but very excited too!!! i will let you know how it goes and if i actually wear it out anywhere without feeling nervous!!!!!

Ashley said...

How fun! I own red lip stick but haven't popped it open. But it's in the drawer! ;)

Can't wait til you get it from Barnes and Noble!