Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving....I AM!! I love spending time with my loved ones and not to mention a day off work. ha!!
So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I did but I must say I'm totally exhausted today. My weekend started on Thursday!! I got off work and headed to spin class. After the gym I went home and crawled in bed by 8:00.....why you may ask?!?!?! Well I needed a few hours of rest before heading to the movie theatre to see what else........NEW MOON! HA. Yes I was one of the "crazies" with a midnight ticket. I'm so tired of everyone "knocking" the Twilight series....Hey Haters, don't knock it til ya try it!!! Also, I'm very aware that vampires DO NOT exist and that this story is made up!!! Okay I get it....I'm sure you still saw E.T and realized this was not real...what about Back to the future, Star Trek, Batman....oh I could go on and on.....ITS A STORY....A MOVIE!!! Okay now I feel better. ;) hah!

So then Friday started out early. I had a bridal lunch to attend at noon. We had a wonderful time. One of my oldest childhood friends got married Saturday. Friday we spent the day being pampered....we had lunch, a spa day and then rehearsal. That evening we had dinner and Audra gave all the bridesmaids Tiffany tag bracelets with out initials on the backside of the tag. What an awesome gift. I was so excited when I tore off the paper and saw a blue box!! Saturday night was the wedding and a fun one it was! I must say this wedding was hands down a blast!! Thanks Audra for being such a wonderful Bride....loving, caring....what a great friend. I hope we made your day as special as well!

Sunday I had church and then headed home and stayed in bed ALL day. Last night I finally emerged from my room to go help my mom decorate for Christmas. Ill be sure and post pics soon....I love CHRISTMAS and everything about it! We usually wait until Thanksgiving to put our tree up but you know you know the longer I get to enjoy the decor the better. So I would rather put it out as soon as possible!

Tonight after work I am going to see the Blindside. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this movie! I'm excited!!

Hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed weekend!!


Elizabeth said...

Oh I love the weekend recaps! :-) Glad you had a fun weekend....they are never long enough though. I also want to see Blindside too. I am hoping to this weekend at some point! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you had a nice weekend. I also want to see Blindside. I heard it is a really good movie. Have a Blessed Day!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Good for you for doing spin class before New Moon! Oh and let us know how Blindside was, I really want to see it!

The France Family said...

The Blind side was soo good!!!

krislyn. said...

Great weekend. Did you see the Blindside?! I saw it on Sunday and LOVED it .. Seriously, such a good movie!