Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I want to share and give yall an opportunity to learn a bit about Compassion if you have never heard of this ministry!! Kelly from Kellys Korner & her husband Scott are in El Salvador right now....Kelly has been sharing her experience in her blog. Please head over and read about her trip!! Compassion is a WONDERFUL ministry and I cant say enough about it. I know I have blogged before talking about it and the little boy I sponsor--Chumandev! I have tons of people ask me "How do you know your money goes to the children"? Well, I have FAITH and I also know that It is part of my job here on earth to take care of Gods children and share his word. I get tons of other questions as...some I can answer some I cannot but I promise if you read what Kelly is experiencing during her visit you will be able to see and understand how and why Compassion is so amazing. Not everyone can sponsor a child but everyone can pray for these children and families! God Bless them!!

I pray that I too will be able to go visit my sponsor child- Chumandev- someday in India!

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