Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for a few days....I'm slacking for sure...not only on my blog but reading every one's. This past weekend was a busy one. Hopefully Ill sit down and upload some pics this week!

I finally watched the Ugly Truth last night. Great movie. We laughed so hard...I'm not sure what I was expecting but it took me by surprise. I love Katherine Heigl. If you have not seen this movie its worth watching.

Im a bit bummed because tonight on the Biggest Loser we will be seeing every ones makeovers. Why am I bummed???? I have to record it!!! That's okay...at least I still get to see it. We had to switch our bible study to tonight instead of tomorrow for this week only. Ill survive because I LOVE my group so spending time with them is always nice. Im really excited bc we are starting a new book by Francine Rivers. I have read several of her books and Loved them all. We are reading A VOICE IN THE WIND. Ill let yall know how it is......but if you are looking for a new book I totally recommend REDEEMING LOVE. {amazing}

I hope to catch up on every one's blogs here in the next few days....Ill be busy with wedding festivities this coming weekend so please don't think I forgot about yall!!


short southern momma said...

I SO know what you mean! I am so behind these days I cant seem to get caught up. Hope your having a great week! xoxo

kass09 said...

Hey :), I know the feeling its so hard to keep up with real life sometimes and then blog life haha :). Yours doing a good job though so don't worry! I am totally excited for the Makeovers tonigh, I told myself if I make through my gym time thats my reward with a snack haha. I am so happy you mentioned Redeeming Love totally one of my favorites, I am actually over half way through it now and I am in LOVE. Wouldn't a Michael Hosea be awesome??? lol! I love the Atonment Child as well and if you haven't read that one of Francine's I totally recommend it! :o). Have a good time at Bible Sutdy!
~Kassey :o)

Kristin said...

I need to Netflix that one! Love your layout by the way. Puts me in a fabulous holiday spirit!

Elizabeth said...

I think that we all get behind. There are just so many blogs to read and keep up to date with. I just love hearing what everyone is up too! Hope you have a wonderful week. I saw that movie too. So cute! :-)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I know what you mean about slacking girl! I feel like I haven't read any blogs in days!!

Biggest Loser was so good and it made me a little teary : ) Liz's makeover was especially inspiring and she looked SO great!