Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Random Post

Happy Tuesday to all! Well Im back at work today and feeling better...I believe my new acid reflux medicine may work. yay!! I hate taking medicine...Im not sure why but I do. I take advil and advil only...crazy I know...I could be in pain and you may have alieve but more than likely I would dig out some Advil {I trust it} haha! Anyways since today is Tuesday, Tarjay has all there new items out....I cant wait to watch The Ugly Truth. I hear this movie is funny!!

Im not sure Ill watch it this evening since Im heading to the gym after work and tonight the Biggest Loser, The Hills & The City comes on so my night is a bit full with the shows. Hopefully tomorrow night Ill watch it.

I bought the new Carrie Underwood Cd. GREAT Cd. I love her & her music...if you are looking for a new cd its a good one!

Im so ready for this weekend. Front row tickets to go see Jason Aldean and Eric Church. Wahoo! Im so excited to see both of these guys. And lastly Ill leave yall with a picture of Brooks {my nephew} who is absolutely a doll! Such a big boy sitting in his chair watching TV. He makes me laugh! Love you Brooks!!!


rachelC said...

can't wait to see that movie either!
and BL tonight! yay! (it's my fav too)
Brooks is getting to be a big boy!! =)
glad your feeling better!

Elizabeth said...

All I will say is that the movie is GREAT! I really enjoyed it!

Emma said...

Found you through A Blonde Ambition :) Super cute blog!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I am so excited for Carrie's new album! It's gonna be awesome!

I gave you an award on my blog, so go check it out!

Christa said...

Love Carrie Underwood!!!

Jacci said...

Love the new Carrie Underwood cd! and Brooks is such a cutie!!

Leah said...

Brooks is too cute. I love that name too!
I have heard great things about the Carrie Underwood CD. I will have to check it out!