Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello Winter Weather

Well the weather man was correct and we have winter weather. Im not sure if Im excited about it though! First off....I was hoping it would start last night. I came home and cooked dinner..ENCHILADAS {used ground turkey of course} with black beans and spanish rice.....
and then we waited and waited.....and waited. NO winter weather. So this morning I had to head 20 minutes to the office in the sleeting rain...YUCK. After about an hour they cut us out and I headed home. Needless to say its been one lazy day. Im sitting on the couch with a fire watching the Real Houswives of Orange County. {listening to Aaron of course....he would rather watch something else...ha}
It has literally rained all day and we pretty much have ice!!!! Where is the snow?!?! Its not even pretty just yucky! I cant really complain though...I plan on sitting on this couch in front of the fire cuddled up. Im cooking Chicken, twiced baked potatos and green bean bundles for Im off to get it all together!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


You did what?!?!?!
haha...incase yall havent heard click HERE to read!
The girl is just keeping it real. hahah!!!

Cant help but love her!

Snow or no snow.......

....that is the question my friends! So the weather man says winter weather but lets face it...he never seems to be right. Im not doubting him we just seem to always get left out...maybe its our location but the snow pretty much always seems to miss us. Now let me just say that as of yesterday they were talking snow with freezing rain {so possibly ice} but here is where Im so car literally said it felt like 54 degrees yesterday. I ran errands at lunch and had my sun roof open. Does this sound like a city about to be hit with winter weather. What is up?!?!? Needless to say Im hoping we DO NOT get hit with the winter weather. We are moving this weekend and personally I do not feel like moving on ice.....not my idea of fun. Im possibly one of the clumsiest people ever...they will have to put more padding on me than the furniture. Also, we refuse to move food so we have not been to the store in several weeks....this means we have NO food...please do not trap a girl that likes to eat inside her house with no food. Lastly, my furbabies DO NOT like to go outside to potty when its cold and neither does their mama. ha!!
Okay, enough complaining...Ill let yall know what the weather does when it happens...or doesnt.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is your life addicted to surgery

Okay so we have all seen Heidi Montag recently...I mean she's in every magazine and all over every news ad bc of her recent plastic surgery. 10 operations to be exact in one day. Yikes!! Personally I think shes gone over the top and has ruined herself...she looks like a robot {just my own opinion} The girl was she just looks like she hurts. ouch.


Dear Heidi, you are 23 years old....if you keep up at the rate you are going you will look like this in 10 more years.....

This is what happens when you are addicted to surgery....Surgery gone over board! Yikes....Im not sure if you can fix that! Love what God gave you and dont ruin yourself!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Funday

Thanks to my WONDERFUL blog friend Elizabeth @ Musing Experiences...I received this very sweet award!!

I love getting means so much that someone would think of ME!! Elizabeth is definitely one of the kindest bloggy friends I have met. I love her blog and all her kind words. If you do not follow her then you should head over and check out her blog...leave her some love because I promise she will show you some.

1. Thank and link the person that sent you the award.
2. Present this award to five people and explain why you chose them.
3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog

So to my lovely blog ladies

Kass @ Not your Typical, Average, Ordinary College girl -I love her blog....she is such an inspiration for so many. I have personally seen her touch lives of girls I know personally who have read her story. What an AMAZING young lady she is and she doesnt even know it. ;)

Jennifer @ West Sac Honey- Jennifer is one my newest blog friends and I just love getting to know her better! I just learned shes half chinese...head over to her blog...she is great!

Our Three Ring Circus- Love her I was tagging her I noticed her post is titled Sunday Funday (same as mine) Great minds thing alike. hahah! This is another blog I enjoy following and getting to know more!

Kelsey @ The Seattle Smith's- Kelsey is one of the first blog friends (outside of girls I know). She ALWAYS stops by to say hi and show some love! Thanks Kelsey for being such a wonderful bloggy friend!

Short Southern Mama- I have this lovely lady to thank for a lot of my blog friends. I started following some great girls through her. She was literally one of my very first blog friends and she has been a great one!

Okay if I did not tag you well I didnt forget you!! I love all the blogs I follow.....So thank you all for being so wonderful!!

So, Its Sunday which means tomorrow is Monday!! Aah...the weekends never last long enough. This weekend has been great so hopefully this week will be as well. I just made "The worlds best chocolate chip cookies" dough so Im off to bake some cookies!! Im about to show Aaron what the WORLDS BEST COOKIES taste like. ahha! I have talked about making these all weekend and just got around to it. Its raining here and Aaron just made soup, cookies, a warm fire and football it is!!
Have a great evening!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Award

Thanks to my lovely friend Candice over at The Perfect Pair I have a new award! Please go and show Candice some love & check out her blog. Thanks so much have made my day!

So here is the rules:
Put the award on your blog
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Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
Nominate 7 bloggers

1. Im completely obsessed...well maybe not obsessed but the only cups I ever purchase are the Tumbler cups! These are the BEST cups ever. They keep your drink icey cold just the way I like them.

2. I have trouble sleeping anywhere but in my bed. I love my bed...its so comfy! I clean my sheets once a week..sometimes twice and I love crawling into the bed once they have been washed. Whenever I go on vacation Im always ready to come home so I can sleep in my own bed. ha!!

3. My favorite pens to write with are the extra Sharpie pens. I do not know why but ever since high school these have been my pen of choice. I love all the colors and they write so smooth. Yes, Ill write with other pens but if im buying these are my favorite.

4. I DO NOT like the grocery store. Now dont get me wrong....I do go but its not my favorite. Its almost like a chore! When I go I want to be sure I have a list of items I need and I want to be in and out! Im not one to leisurely walk around....AHEM...Aaron! My bf could spend 2 hours checking out every single item in the grocery sir, in and out! ha!

5. Pedicures!!!!!! Oh I love a good pedicure. I get a pedicure literally every other to every 2 weeks! This is my way to relax. I dont even get my nails done but I have to have a pedi....even in the dead winter.

6. Im not a drinker at all. Alcohol that is! Im not anti for those that do drink but I never have a drink. Im always the designated driver. I have never found a drink I enjoy plus I hate the feeling of being out of control....slight buzz....Im ready to go. I have been told though that I still know how to have a good time sober as a billy goat!

7. I have a serious "doodling" problem. haha if I have something to write with you better watch out. I will doodle/draw/write on anything so lets just hope there is a piece of paper around....if not watch out bc Im sure to draw on whatever I can find. I will doodle my name, your name, the dogs name, shapes, letters, name it...Im guilty of leaving marks everywhere!

So there you have it......7 VERY RANDOM things about me! Feel like ya know me a little better. haha!

Im tagging:

Show us your life-- Favorite stores and shopping spots

Happy Friday everyone!! So today we are talking FAVORITE SHOPPING SPOTS- STORES & ONLINE!! Oh wow this could be a long one bc lets face it I love to shop. :) Be sure and head over to Kelly's blog and play along!

My first stop will be ANTHROPOLOGIE. Ladies I love this store and Im so excited that I will no longer have to visit the website or travel to Nashville to shop here. We are getting on where I live in the next few months!!! YAY! I could spend hours in this store....I love their clothes, accessories, all the way to the home department. Thank you Anthro for FINALLY choosing a home here in my little corner of Tennessee!

Moving right along to J. Crew, another favorite of mine. This is another store that I visit often online but yes, we do have one here as well. I probably visit the store online more than the actual one here at one of our malls.

We have some really cute boutiques here where I live as well that I visit often. I buy the majority of my jeans at those. They do not have websites to share but if you ever come to the Memphis/surrounding area I would be more than happy to share where these stores are located. :)

Another FAV that I visit pretty much everyday if not every other would be Target better known as Tarjay! I also pay frequent visits to Old Navy.

For beauty products I love Sephora! I can do damage in this store....Its like a kid walking into a candy store...literally.

So as you can see I dont really have shopping secrets or secret online stores but these are just some of my FAVORITES!! Im really excited to read everyone's choices and I hope to find a few new ones to check out.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This morning as I sat trying to gather my blogging thoughts, I felt strongly led to remember what all Im thankful for. I feel that sometimes in the rush of everyday life we forget to stop and thank the lord for all we have been blessed with. I try my best to always make it a point and thank him daily but even I fall short of always doing just that. Last night I was able to spend time with family and friends for my boyfriends moms bday {oh what a great time we had}. This morning I was blessed to get up and ready for my job that I got to daily, I was able to drive my own car, I called my mom to tell her I love her and have a wonderful day, I enjoyed a warm point in these small things is that I am so THANKFUL for them. Yes, these are simple things I take for granted some days but I am so BLESSED to be able to work, eat, talk to my family....etc. These are not the only things Im THANKFUL for...I have so many. I encourage you today to stop and think of all you are thankful for...some of you may blog about it and some may just quietly think to yourselves but the point is we STOP and remember what all we have been blessed with!!

I have been keeping up with the devastaion in Haiti and praying for everyone. I read Fox news daily and the pictures are absolutely heartbreaking. I do not realize just the hell these people are going through until I see the pictures myself. I read an article from a father whose 19 year old daughter was staying with three girlfriends and two teachers at the Hotel Montana--he has yet to hear word from her. How awful! He was told once that she was found alive, only to be told sorry....false information from inside sources.  I cant imagine the heartbreak this father is feeling over his daughter. Fox news said the death toll is at 200,000 and that is only the bodies that have been captured.....there are thousands still burried and missing....250,000 in need of urgent care....2 million homeless that are searching for food and water ....disease is spreading as well.  This is absolutely heartbreaking.

May God Bless you!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishful Wednesday--Gown

'I wish'.....I could have worn the gown that Sandra Bullock or Lea Michelle wore at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards!

I absolutely loved Sandra Bullock's purple dress. I have never been a huge purple person but for some reason purple is one of my favs right now....I love deep purple all the way to lavender. Sandra looked stunning!

I also thought Lea Michelle's black dress was amazing! You cant go wrong with black....such a classic! This dress looked beautiful on her.

If you would like to join the fun of Wishful Wednesday then head over to Kelsey's blog....just click HERE!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Joys of TV!!

I originally announced that I would not be watching the Bachelor last night due to bible study but guess what?!?! We studied and then all watched The Bachelor. It was oh soooo lovely...I loved watching it with the group of gals! We laughed so hard...much better than watching it on my laptop! Thanks to Beth's Tivo!! So....what did yall think about Michelle? Goodness...she was unhappy...I just wanted her to smile once...just once. I think Jake made a good decision by sending her home {before the rose ceremony} Clearly she was a bit unstable. yikes!!

Okay girl...I see that you can what happened on the show! I wasnt too sure of her from the beginning.

Now to Elizabeth! Girl mind games are so not cool! She said she was not playing games and she was definitely offended when Jake called her a tease but ya know....I think she was probably shocked that he had her figured out. MANIPULATING!!! The girl is pretty but the games have to go home.

So, what is going on in the house with Vienna? Im not going to lie...she has not been one of my picks this entire time and Im still not sure what I think about her. But...the girls are being very mean to her and its sad. I dont know if behind all the editing she has done mean things but personally from what I see I feel like the ladies are attacking her. Its all making Jake very very uncomfortable!! Guys dont want the drama. Catty catty!! Her true colors will show so if shes as bad as they are trying to make her out to seem then let her be the one to reveal that to Jake. Ali {you were one of my picks} but last night you were so ugly towards Vienna?!?!

Honestly this is the first ever season that I have not been DEAD SET on my pick!! haha. I guess it keeps it interesting. I would have to say as of today I like Tenley and Ella {I dont think her and Jake are a great match but she is genuine and sweet}. Okay so have yall heard that Tenley is pregnant?!!? Please tell me this is so untrue! I may have to stop watching this season all together! ha! ;)
Im starting to believe that poor Jake will be standing alone in the end...these girls just seem so different than any other season.

So there you have Monday Bachelor wrap up!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

So Monday has greeted us all again!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Sadly, I do not have much to blog about today or anything really exciting to share. This weekend was pretty low key which is absolutely fine with me. Sometimes I need a good weekend with nothing on my plate. :) It rained all day Saturday so you can only imagine the LAZY day we had. Im not sure how many movies we watched but all we did was lay around watching one after another. Saturday evening I started cleaning out my crafts closet...we are in the process of needless to say a ton has to be done here in the next 10 days. Yes, I said 10 days.....maybe I should not have watched so many movies Saturday. hah!
Moving is overwhelming....good gracious....I find myself giving away and throwing away more than Im packing for the simple fact that I do not want to mess with it or I dont know what to do with it. I guess if we all moved every few years then we could all keep simple/organized homes. Im not a hoarder or necessarily a pack rat but I do enjoy keeping SIMPLE things that remind me of others or events. For the the top of my closet I have a box of dead roses that I have received. {Yes, ex boyfriends} Come on....really?!?!?! What am I doing with those!! Good question...I have no idea. Then in the attic I opened a box with every stuffed animal my highschool boyfriends gave me....hahaha.....I guess at the time the memories were special but now I just find them taking up space. So, you can imagine yesterday I spent THE ENTIRE day going through box after box trying to see what would make the move and the things that would have to simply stay behind!!

Im excited for the Bachelor tonight....however I will have to watch it online bc I have bible I will miss the actual airing time! I think I should consider Tivo!! ha!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Happy Friday to you all!! Today's Show Us Your Life is all about weight loss tips, diets, and workout ideas. Head on over to Kellys Korner to join in on the fun!!

First off Im more excited about reading everyone else's ideas and tips than sharing my own. ha!! Im not really great in this area even though I have learned a lot about health and exercise over this past year. Its crazy because growing up I never struggled with weight....ever!! I actually used to pray in high school that I would gain weight. I am 5'7" and I honestly was a size "0" my senior year. Now some of you may think why would you want to gain weight.....keep in mind Im not short so I was pretty tall and I did not have a CURVE on my body!!! {You get my point right?!?!?}

So, then I started college and some of the weight started packing on....nothing I couldnt was good/healthy weight! But as I get older I am realizing that I now have to watch what I eat and exercise is key or it will definitely get out of control. So here is what I do to try and stay in shape.


Okay I do not have a "Diet" that I follow. I have learned that I never stick to them and personally they are hard for me to follow. This past year however I gave up sodas and sweet tea! I LOVE sweet tea.....I still drink tea but I stick to unsweet and use splenda. Yes, it took some getting use to since I am such a huge sweet tea drinker but I promise I noticed once I cut out the sugar. I do not eat beef...I have never been a huge beef eater but I try and stick to lean meats. Do I enjoy spaghetti, lasagna, burgers?!?!!? YES, yes I do...I use ground turkey. {DO NOT knock it until you try it....I promise it is good} Veggies...mainly greens are great side choices with your lean meats!! Now that the holidays are over I really need to get back to my healthy eating.


Okay this past year I got a gym membership and a personal trainer!! YAY!! My trainer focuses on "circut training" and my sessions last 1 hour two times a week. On the other days I stick to cardio and an occasional spin class. I have found a GREAT workout video though if you do not have the money or time for a gym membership. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is awesome!! I seriously did not realize the first time I did this video the impact it would have. I chose to do it on a Wednesday which was the day between my personal training that Thursday I could barely move so therefor I was unable to meet with my trainer. My muscles were shot!! He told me to do that video on the weekends and stick to cardio between my training its a pretty darn good workout.

So there you have it....thats kind of how my diet and workout goes. Im very excited about reading everyone else's tips! 2010 is the year I plan to get lean, toned and in shape.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good Morning FRIENDS!! I hope everyone is doing well and ready for this weekend that is only two days away. yay!! Im sure many of the blogs you read daily are mentioning Haiti and the earthquake that took place so you may be tired of reading about it but Im going to talk about it anyways. This is such a tragedy and it just reminds me how blessed I truly am and what all I have to be thankful for. Last night as I laid in bed I sat and prayed for the children, adults, loved ones and friends of Haiti. My heart breaks to read about the current situation and to see the pictures of the people literally makes me sick. As helpless as I feel I am NOT and neither are you!! For yall that have followed my blog for a while know that I LOVE Compassion and I have a compassion child in India. Okay so here is how we can help....You can help/donate through Compassion International and I know you can do so through Red Cross as well.

Be sure to go to Kelly's blog from Kellys Korner. She personally has a friend that was in Haiti during the earthquake and his family has yet to hear from him. His name is Dan and he is part of Compassion International...please be sure to lift him and his wife and children up in prayer. Kelly is also donating $1 up to $1,000.00 for each person that makes a donation of any have to leave a comment on her blog though. So be sure to go check it out. {which im sure you ALL follow her}

I also wanted to be sure and introduce yall to a book if you have not heard of it. I jumped on board the BLOOM book club. The current book they are reading is......

Friends, Im in chapter 5 and this book is great!! I encourage you to join in or at least buy the book if you are looking for a new one! I do not want to give too much info incase you are interested but I PROMISE you will enjoy it!!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love starting my day off with a new blog award!! THANKS to Jen @ A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys , I received an new award! Thanks Girl!!

So here are the rules for this award!
1. Accept the award and post it on your sure and Thank the person you receive this award from.
2. Pass the award on to approximately 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are wonderful.
3. Be sure to let them know you tagged them.

Im Tagging
Elenie @ Kissin Frogs
Elizabeth @ Musing Experiences
Renata @ Rejoyce
Heather @ Step Inside

Now if I didnt tag you...its not bc I do not LOVE your blog...I LOVE all the blogs I follow (hence why I follow you) but these ladies are some of the newest blogs I have been following and Im pretty sure I have never given most them an award!!

So last night after I watched the Biggest Loser, I headed to my laptop and caught up on Monday's episode of the Bachelor. Yikes!! I have been reading different sites and I just really question (what exactly happened) I mean Chris Harrison is always VERY dramatic...which I think personally makes the show silly. If Rozlyn had an inappropriate relationship then shame on her but if this was created to bring drama to the viewers and ratings then shame on the producers!! This woman is a daughter, mother, friend etc and causing this kind of negative attention is just horrible!! I did notice they never mentioned her son which she "claims" was against her will....the producers urged her not to etc......oh what a big ol mess. Regardless of what the truth is I do not think she was the one for Jake anyways!! I believe Im team Alli right now! The girl just seems genuine and really into Jake. We will see I guess as time goes on!!

Im VERY EXCITED about this evening!! One of my besties hubby will playing at a bar here in town and Im so excited to see him!! If you like Country Music then you should check him out if you dont already know who he is....You will love his CD!!

Gotta Love some DAVID NAIL!!

Oh and Im also EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce that one of my closest friends ever....shes more like a expecting her first baby.....YAY Im gonna be an aunt again!! Congrats Heather and Nick!! Love yall!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay first thing is first....I missed the Bachelor last night because of bible study....I didn't get home until almost 10 so I went straight to bed. I WILL be watching it as soon as I get home from work today. I also realize that I do not have to watch the show to see what all the drama is about on last nights episode!! Rozlyn...girl...please tell me this is not true?!?!? Anyways, I couldn't put my finger on it but I knew there was something about her I could not figure out. Yes, she is very pretty but there was more behind her looks and she even said herself...."I have always been able to get what I want with my looks". {well alrighty then} All joking aside....DO YALL BELIEVE WHAT THE MEDIA IS SAYING...DO YOU THINK THIS HAPPENED? Im not saying I dont believe it but I guess you never know. There are ALWAYS two sides to every story and we do know this is scripted show.....WHOA....hold it...please tell me you did know that its scripted? ;)

On to other crazy news....Have yall heard about Heidi Montag's new song?
Im almost too embarrassed to even type the name but here it goes...."Eat my panties off"...Okay enough said right!! Her first song was a doozie and Im pretty sure this one will be too. Now that is one CLASSY song she has right there!

Lastly, who has seen Jersey Shore on MTV? Are they kidding...dont get me wrong...I cant help but watch...its such entertainment but really?!?! Everytime I hear "fist pump" or "gym, tan, laundry" I wanna scream!! hahaha!! I guess to each their own but lets keep in mind Im from the South and I guess I like it that way. So please take no offense to me getting a comedy hour when watching this show...Im sure people would think a show here in the South was funny with our accents and the way we do things. Ive just never been into guys who primp more than me and I definitely do not want my man wearing affliction shirts or whatever that brand is {nothing against the brand...I just dont care for it} and jeans torn up. Some may...not I! Now lets move on to the ruthless ladies...ahaha!! Poor "Snookie" {thats her name right} good gracious...she gets punched every episode. Didnt these girls ever learn to pick on someone their own size. haha!! Anyways thanks to the "guidos" I get a good laugh every once in a while!!

And this my friends is a big welcome to 2010! Great shows and great songs! haha that is a joke...please know I WILL NOT be buying Heidi's CD or downloading that horrible sounding song onto my IPOD.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Carrie's Ice

I know this is a bit of old news...especially for those who keep up with all the celebrity gossip/news....but I just saw a close up of Carrie Underwoods ring! All I have to say is I believe she was given the ice rink! Her fiance could play hockey on her ring its so big.

It sure is BEAUTIFUL!! I would be afraid someone would chop my finger off....hello $150,000. Good gracious!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where did the weekend go

Where in the world did the weekend go? It feels like only an hour ago it was Friday!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend....Im sure not ready for another work week but bring it on bc Im ready for next weekend!!

Friday after work I headed straight home to relax. It is FREEEEZING here!! I put on comfy clothes, Aaron started a fire, we warmed up leftovers I cooked the night before and plopped down in front of the TV!! My ideal night...ha! Oh and before I plopped down on the couch I made Paula Deen's Gooey Butter cake! It was pretty good....Ill be honest, it wasnt as good as I thought it would be....I should have made my WORLDS BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES but I thought I would give this recipe a try.

Saturday Aaron and I headed out to run some errands......I have to be honest, we still have not taken down Christmas decor...yikes! We should have worked on this but we had other things to worry about. Hopefully we will get to it this weekend....or Ill have to decorate the tree for Valentines. ha!! No, Ill work on it this week! After my errands I went and got a mani/pedi { way to relax} then I headed home to get ready for a date!! We had dinner at Flemings!

Today has been one LAZY day here!! Im laying here with my laptop....catching up on all my favorite blogs....and reading up on some of my new followers!! Thanks ladies for stopping by and joining my blog....Im excited to get to know yall! So Im going to read and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. {sounds like a great Sunday night}

I hope everyone is ready for Monday and have a WONDERFUL one!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


So, I have decided to join in on Kelly's "Show Us How You Live"!! I have followed Kelly's blog for at least a year now but I have never joined in on the fun. So, from here on out I will "try" to participate each Friday!!


Okay, I posted my goals last week so please click HERE to read my goals!

Of course I cant sign off without a BIG