Friday, September 25, 2009

A few things....One post

So I have decided its time to change up my bedroom. Now I must say that I love my room...its my "getaway" but sometimes change is good. So I have decided to change my bedding up. I wish I had a before picture but I do not on this computer. (I will work on getting one). I have decided to share my ideas bc of a bloggy friend Angie-Short Southern Mama. In her latest post she described some ideas she had for her the way she has great taste and we seem to enjoy the same decor style. So I am sharing my ideas so that Angie can see what I am doing and y'all can too. Please give me feedback if you think I should change anything....even if you don't like it. Okay I love classy, vintage, shabby, french country, decor- that best describes my taste.

Please note that the above bedding IS NOT the bedding I have picked out but I LOVE the "SET UP" so with everything I show you, fabric/material wise, this is how it will be placed. This picture is from Bella Vita, one of my most favorite stores. and she has a website so check her out.

This bedding is what I have in mind for my duvet (which like the first picture will be folded towards the bottom). This pattern will also be in at least two shams. Now I'm not sure what color sheets I will use but I do know on top of the sheets, I will put an ivory matelasse and probably two ivory matelasse shams.

And Lastly, I love this pattern for the bed skirt and for my Big Euros which will be at the head of the bed

I do realize it's hard to picture it all together but I PROMISE it is beautiful. I have seen it all pieced together and it had my name written all over it...just not the price I wanted to pay. hehe! So come Christmas, I should have my new bed pieced together.

I have decided I'm getting a sewing/embroidery machine for Christmas. So just maybe Ill make some really cute throw pillows for my new bedding. So what do y'all think?


One of my girlfriends who I miss since she moved to Nashville, LA has tagged me with this.......

The rules are......
1. List 5 current obsessions
2. Pass along to other bloggers
1) One of my current obsessions would be Blogging. Im not even obsessed with posting blogs as I am reading them. I love all my new blog friends and I love catching up with every ones blogs.
2) Sweet Tea........enough said except I actually drink unsweet with splenda...I had to back off the sugar.
3) PAINTING!!! I cant stop haha. I love painting canvases and picture frames...I need to post some of my most recent ones.
4) oh here is a good me crazy but Im obsessed with writing in thin sharpies. I dont know why but I love those pens.
5) Lastly, Im obsessed with reading, I find myself buying so many books that I end up only reading half before I start the next so before I know it Im reading two books which grows to the three. hahah. Right now Im reading The Shack, Lady in Waiting and I still have not finished the fourth Twilight book.
Wow this was a long post.....but I hope yall enjoyed!
Have a safe and happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Oh girl! I am in LOVE with your stuff!! you were right on with our taste! I wouldn't change a thing! Macy has a Matelasse throw and sham on her bed and I love it!!! Actually, I think there is a post about it...where I just re-her room. I didn't realize you were friends with should totally come up when we do our shopping date {she is just awesome}!!! Congrats on the award and I love your list!