Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey everyone! I had no clue that sometime during my busy life I moved to Seattle. Please know this is sarcasm.......I DID NOT move but it has rained 8 straight days here in Tennessee and I am tired of it. Such gloomy days!!

On a happier more positive not however, I want to introduce a new blog I have been reading CLICK HERE. One of my friends shared this blog with me last week and I have now read the entire blog. Incase you are not interested....let me give you a quick summary and I promise you will head over to Kisses from Katie . This girl in her 20's from Brentwood Tn is doing God's work over in Africa. This is a girl who decided to skip out on college, sorority,partying and all the things most 20 year old girls do after high school. Not this young lady. After spending some time in Africa during highschool, she felt that God wanted and needed her there. So once she graduated she broke the news to her parents that God was calling her to Africa and that is where she wanted to be. So she not only left her boyfriend, friends, and family, she also left her chance to be a college student "living the life" (Im sure most of you remember those days).

Katie is now living in Africa with "her family". NO her parents did not join her but she does have a house and her own children that make up her family. Yes you read correctly her own children. These children are orphans who needed medical attention, love, shelter, nourishment and all sorts of other things.....things we take for granted. Katie took these children in and allows them to call her MOM. Not only is she a mother to these children in her home, she also takes care of the children in the village she lives in. She feeds them, bathes the ones that need a good wash and even serves as a Dr. to the ones sick. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things has done and continues doing but I PROMISE if you read it for yourself it will mean more to you. She is able to give description and pictures (oh those beautiful children) that will melt your heart.

I feel so helpless here and I forget just how unfortunate others are. But Im not HELPLESS and you are not either. PRAYER is what Katie needs.......for her and her family.

So before I summarize this entire blog head on over and read it for yourself!!!


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

OH I can't wait to begin reading her blog!! Thanks so much for sharing, that is the only way we can get more and more people to pray! Share the word to other people :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I will for sure head over to her site! I am soooooooo sick of the rain too!! What part of TN are you in? Email me sometime {my address is on my profile} Hope your having a great week! = )