Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Weekend

Aaah..I cant believe it is already Sunday...that means tomorrow is Monday. Is it just me or do the weekends never seem to last long enough. My weekend started early bc I left the office around 2 on Friday. I was under the weather and figured I better take my tail to the doctor since several ppl in the company have the flu. I got my Flu shot but I heard it takes 2-3 wks and well Friday was only week one. Needless to say I DO NOT have the flu just a cold. I had fever which is what worried me the most.

Saturday I stayed in my pj's all day! I LOVED it. Since I didnt feel well, I figured it would be okay plus I spent most of the day cleaning house. I had a sweet visitor come by to see his Aunt Leigh Leigh.

Today we had an amazing service at church. Im not gonna lie....every Sunday is amazing but today was extra special. Today is Highpoint's 7 yr anniversary!!! We had a very special service. Not only was worship amazing, we had a guest. Mike Lewis better known as "The Jesus Painter" painted 3 portraits during the service. Two were painted during worship songs and the thrid he painted during communion. You HAVE to check him out.........truely awesome. I had tears rolling and chills all over my body! Here are the three he painted today........
Jesus paid it all and all to him I owe!!! This was the first one that he painted and literally did this in under 10 minutes. He started with a blank canvas and this was the outcome! (notice the tear). Oh how he loves us!!
This was the second painting. Look at the eyes.

This was the last portrait.......called communion. Mike painted this one while we took communion.

I loved loved loved the paintings. Oh and how could I forget we had several baptisms as well. Praise the Lord!!! Last but not least to I was able to serve with the kiddos this morning.

Then to wrap up my Sunday, I hosted a bridal shower with my mama for one of my girlfriends. It turned out so cute and everyone had a great time. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Off to get ready for another work week. I pray I start to feel better...its hard to work when you are sick. ugh!!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!




Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better!!! Love the paintings too...that must have been so awesome to experience!! hope you have a great week! = )

rCl said...

the paintings are amazing!!!!
hope your feeling better!!!