Tuesday, September 8, 2009

H1N1..aka...Swine Flu

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend!
I sure did. It doesnt get much better than spending time with Friends and Loved ones plus plenty of "vegg" time. "Vegg" yeah like veggie but without the IE. People make fun of me for that word but I use it often...haha.

On to the point of this post........hence the title! I know everyone has heard of the Swine Flu--we live in America and its being discussed EVERYWHERE. This has not really been a huge concern in my everyday life but I must admit...im gettign a bit concerned. I know of several people who have been sick with this and I keep hearing of more. I tend to be OCD when it comes to germs. Im a huge baby when Im sick and I mean huge! I hate being sick! This past weekend a child died in my hometown from this H1N1 virus. The news keeps talking about how healthy the child was. (Scary) Then to top it off....half of Ole Miss seems to be catching this virus...which is not far from where I live. aahhh...so I have been washing my hands like crazy (they are dry and even hurt) When Im not washing, im using my Purell. I find myself holding my breath in public places....crazy I know. ha!! I just pray that I do not catch this virus nor anyone in my family. My prayers go out to everyone who catches it and I pray for a healthy fast recovery!!

Now dont get me wrong. I have total FAITH in the lord and I know he is in control. I also know that people can be in a car wreck or get cancer just as easily as one could come down with H1N1. I guess when it starts to get close to home though you really start thinking. So please Swine Flu...........STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!

So everyone....do not forget to wash your hands and cover your mouths. Oh and pick up some Purell while your at the store. :) Lets help keep these germs away!

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