Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Wow it has been a long week..................AND im so ready for this 4 day weekend!!

Its a SAD day in the Big Brother house!! I hate seeing Jeff (America's favorite) leave the house. Dont even correct me if he happens to not be your favorite!! :) Im just kidding but seriously.....not only is he cute, sweet, funny, did I mention good looking and completely adorable.......he makes this season worth watching! I love him with Jordan and now she is missing her Best Friend in the house. I dont even want to watch anymore but as long as Jordan remains, I will watch. Just maybe....somehow.....someway....Jeff will come back...just maybe. hah!

Im sure gonna miss him........

And Im gonna miss Jorff

Does everyone have big plans for this weekend? I dont have BIG plans but its sure to be fun. Who doesnt enjoy time off of work spent with the ones you love! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL and SAFE weekend!! Im loving the weather here...perfect time for Football season. I have seen a lot of football talk around here so it appears that Im not the only one super excited for the games to begin!!



rCl said...


have a good weekend too!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend!!!!