Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I know this is two posts in one day but for a very good reason. The precious kitten in my last has a home!! A few people have asked me about this kitten so to answer you all....yes Kitten has a new home-- I kept him and his name is Rebel.

A few weeks ago I posted about Rebel and his hard life for a four week old kitten. I also asked if anyone wanted a kitten. Well needles to say I fell in love. Im not even a cat person. I have two dogs who are totally spoiled rotten and I mean ROTTEN! This kitten though pulled on one of my heartstrings and he now has a home. My vet told me he wouldnt even live. For you that do not know this kitten's story, let me catch you up. My mom found a kitten on the interstate (yes you read correctly ON the interstate) in 100 degree temperatures. She flew by him at 75 mph and quickly turned around. She traveled 3 hours with this kitten to get home. He did not have teeth so we had to bottle feed him and carry him bc he could barely walk. The following day we took him to the doctor only to find out this little thing was deathly sick. He had a respiratory and intestinal infection. We purchased meds to try and save him but we were sent home with very little hope. Let me tell you for an entire week we nursed this kitten and he had a will to fight. He pulled through.

So that brings us to today!! We tried really hard to find Rebel (not for Ole Miss--my mom's boyfriend named him and his name says it all) a home and we found several but............whenever someone would say "yeah we want a kitten" well they were never good enough. ha! We have all grown so attached to Rebel that we just couldnt give him up. We were so worried. We didnt want him to be an outdoors cat bc he has been with us since day one pretty much. He is so personable. He is not afraid of anything. He LOVES his belly rubbed and sleeps on his back. (If you know cats, you know this is not common). Rebel is very secure and content with us. He loves the dogs and they love him. I joke around and tell everyone he will be barking soon-- Im afraid that he my think he is a dog. haha!! So YES I kept him....he has a home (a good one) and his name is Rebel.

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Memphis Mama said...

I'm so glad you kept him Leigh!