Monday, September 28, 2009

No Me Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I have not played "Not me Monday in a long time" so why not start back....starting with today. If you have never played then head over to MckMama's blog where you can learn the rules. They are not hard but her blog is really cute and she is awesome so you will enjoy reading and getting to know her and her beautiful family. Okay so here is my "Not Me's" for the past week.
So Friday I realized I was getting sick. I sat at work until noon when I finally realized I only felt worse so I did not want to drive home just for thermometer so I headed down the street from work to Walgrees. They were completely out of digital thermometers so I had to buy the "old school" mercury one....that or the ear one for infants. So I bought my $6.00 stick and hurried to the car where I did not sit with this thing hanging out of my mouth for 4 minutes....which felt like 40. Only because everyone that walked buy looked at me as if I had lost my was sit in the parking lot or drive down Poplar (busy rd for you that do not know). Once I realized I had fever, I did not make a dash to the Dr where I held my breath the best I could for 45 minutes in fear of catching SWINE or any of the other germs in the office. NOPE NOT ME!!!
I did not get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and walk smack dab into the wall (hard) bc I thought I could see in the dark. NOPE NOT ME!!
I did not buy the completely wrong chocolate for my fondant fountian this weekend. Yesterday I had a bridal shower at my house. I was in such a hurry that I just grabbed 2 bags of chocolates that were located in the EXACT same spot as the ones I usually buy. I got the the chocolate going and all my fountain goodies out....(fruit, rice krispies, pretzels, etc.) to only realize that we had a problem. As all the guest arrived the chocolate was hard as a rock in this fountain. I realized that I bought the chocolate you cover things in and it hardens...........NOPE NOT ME. Good thing I did not burn the motor up in my new fountain.
So you see its pretty easy. Mine are nowhere as funny as MckMamas but sometimes its good to get a laugh out of the ridiculous things we do in our daily lives.
I hope everyone is having a grand Monday. Bible Study tonight with my small group then Im in the bed early. I hope the weekend comes fast. :)

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I left you a little present on my site!! ; )