Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's in there Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

Angie @ SSM has added a new game for anyone who wants to participate. It's called "What's in there Wednesday. This week's edition- Make up bags!

I love makeup and I have about 5 bags full of different brands and items. My mom is a makeup artist so I guess I get the love for makeup from her. She will buy 10 of the exact same colors but different im not that bad but I guess between the two of us I have bookoodles of stuff. But...for today I will just show you my EVERYDAY makeup bag. Enjoy!!

This is my EVERYDAY makeup case. Are you ready....Im not very oraganized...there are compartments but everytime I try to organize it....everything seems to end up thrown around so here is what ya get..................

This is the "loo" haha. Okay I did not take individual pics of everything but I can tell you what I use on a daily basis. First off I start out with my Bobbi Brown moisturizer and eye cream. the I use my under eye concealor which is also bobby brown (see below)
I then put on my foundation and loose powder which are both Makeup Forever. (flawless and lasts all day) I hate a heavy feel on my face and this is great coverage without the heaviness. I then work on my eyes. My before I put on my shadow, I use a product from MAC called Painterly. (see below) this helps to keep my shadow in place all day long.
Most of my shadows are from MAC and I use different ones daily. But some of my Fav's are....Twinks, Sable, Naked Lunch and Hush. Then I put on my eyeliner (brown/black). Now for the lashes....oh ladies I love some lashes. I promise by my eyelash curler....hehe...she's the best. Shu Uemura....never pinches and curls evenly. I used to ONLY use Lancome mascara being the lash junkie I am but recently I have found a cheaper tube that works just a great.

This Cover Girl mascara is wonderful! Trust me!! Once I apply my eyes, I then put on my bronzer and blush. Bronzer is Bare Minerals Faux Tan and blush is from Nars. Then I put on my lipstick which constantly changes but most of my colors are from Mac. I mix alot and add gloss.

So I hope you enjoyed your tour through my makeup bag an I encourage yall to play along!!

Have a SUPER day!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I found your blog through Short Southern Momma and had to stop by and say hello! Now following your cute blog!

Leah said...

Hi! I also found your blog through Short Southern Momma. I look forward to reading!

Kristin said...

All of these posts I'm seeing today are really inspiring me to update my makeup collection! I'm here from SSM too!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! LOVE your stuff! That must me so awesome to have a mom that is a make-up artist...too cool! Thanks soooo much for playing along, I hope you had a good time! Hope ya have a great rest of the day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, what is this Mr. Linky thing you speak of? I SO need to get one so we can all see for sure!! How do I do one?

Heather said...

I have been looking for a good mascara!! Going to try your suggestion! Thanks and love your blog!